The Real Happy Cow – Wholefood Caldereta (Young Jackfruit)


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Like our Vegan Beef Olive Caldereta, this is made for those who are focused on whole foods and avoiding gluten, soy and corn. This version is made with young jackfruit slow cooked in tomato sauce with coconut aminos, and activated chickpeas. One of the best memories of our childhood is the Sunday caldereta we grew up with. Served only a few Sundays every year, our rendition of this caldereta is like no other. It is exquisitely tender, beefy, creamy, drenched in rich Spanish-style tomato sauce made creamy by fresh coconut cream and punctuated by carrots, potatoes, peppers and black olives. This is so amazing over a bed of hot rice.
Allergy Information: Contains nightshades.
Size: 500 g/ 2-4 servings