The Real Happy Cow – Vegan Beef Rendang


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Rendang is one of our favorite dishes from Indonesia and Malaysia paired with lots of hot white rice. We are thrilled to share the best 100% plant-based rendang to come from our kitchen. Our version is made from vegan meat chunks or banana blossoms cooked with freshly made spice paste (a combination of 17 herbs, aromatics and spices) and copious amounts of fresh first press coconut cream--one order has at least one huge coconut's worth of cream--potatoes and green beans. From start to finish, our rendang takes almost 3 hours to make, taking great care in making it as authentically as possible.

Ingredients: First press coconut cream, vegan meat chunks (soy, corn, wheat), red chili, soy sauce, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, shallots, garlic, and spices 
Allergen Information: Contains soy, corn, gluten.
Size: 500 g/ 2-4 servings