Full Circle – Bio-Armor Repel Treatment


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These days, sanitizing is not enough. The battle against infection and illness goes beyond cleaning. Protect your family from invading microbes 24x7 that does not degrade with wiping or laundering! Full Circle's Bio-Armor Repel is spraying on an invisible bed of spikes on any surface that kills germs and bacteria on contact - popping them like balloons! This layer is also durable - it lasts for 2-3 weeks if cured properly.
Size: 250 ml

Usage Directions:
1. For hard surfaces - Spray directly or spread evenly with a microfiber cloth.
2. For textiles & soft surfaces - Evenly spray 1 to 2 coats until damp.
3. Let dry and cure for 8 hours or overnight. Avoid contact with water or soap during curing time.
4. Use as normal after curing.