Caulibabe — Cauliflower Rice


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Caulibabe cauliflower rice is all-natural, made with no preservatives. This special pack contains TEN (10) pre-portioned 100 grams packs. 100 grams is Caulibabe's suggested alternative to 1 cup of white rice, which contains only 25 calories.
As the packs are already pre-portioned, you no longer have to weigh or measure! Heating Instructions:
Simply defrost each pack prior to heating and microwave or pan fry for 3-5 minutes. Note that the packaging is not microwavable; contents should be moved in a microwavable plate prior to heating in the microwave.
Each pack should last you 50-60 days so long as kept frozen. To enjoy, suggest to keep all packs in the freezer and move only the packs you intend to consume within 12 hours in the chiller to cut defrosting time. 
Size: 10 packs/100 g per pack