9 Places to Buy Artisanal Bottled Fish and Spreads in Metro Manila

9 Places to Buy Artisanal Bottled Fish and Spreads in Metro Manila

Shop Real FoodNovember 12, 2021
by Ryanne Co (original article from Tatler Asia
published on Nov. 5, 2021 

Let's face it, aren't we all tita's in our own way? Most Filipino families love gourmet bottled fish, and typically have their go-to's stocked in their cupboard. We also love dips, and spreads for our pica pica table, most especially during the Christmas season. In fact, share the love and gift your favourite tita's with some of the best bottled foodstuffs in town. This Christmas, we're showing our favourite aunties how much we love them with delicious food that's easy and convenient. If you're looking for gift ideas (or easy pantry staples), read on and prepare your shopping bags: we've got some of the best stores to head to for the holidays. 

1. Blue Kitchen by Malou Fores has been a staple for Manileño titas since 1995. Not only do they have sweet snacks like cookies and pastillas, they're also known for their flavourful bottled seafood. If you haven't tried their garlic tuyo or spicy tuyo, then we suggest grabbing a bottle today! Otherwise, go for their bangus in olive oil or daing na bacalao, but you must not miss their premium aligue. These are all great options for quick and easy breakfasts when you're busy. 

2. Unpretentious but incredibly delicious: Joyce's Homemade Foods delivers mouthwatering bottled dulong and portobello mushrooms. They're great staples to keep in the pantry for when you're feeling snacky or simply to have for dinner on nights when you're too lazy to cook. Spread it over crackers or eat with a cup of rice—they'll both be delightful.  

3. Your healthy neighbourhood grocer, Real Food, is here to provide you with wonderful alternatives to your most pressing pantry needs. With everything from bottled tinapa and tuyo to kombucha and sun-dried tomatoes, Real Food has become a top-notch purveyor to healthier, more wholesome food that's just as delicious. 

Bettina Osmeña helms Gourmet Corner, a local purveyor of everything delicious. Their bottled goods corner is a fantastic place to shop for pantry needs. Aside from the usual array of bottled fish (vodka tinapa or bottled bangus belly anyone?), they also have dips that are sure to whet your appetite. Pair their aioli parsley dip with some crackers, or spread some three cheese with mushroom and spinach dip onto a freshly baked dinner roll for an aromatic treat. 

Joanna Preysler's Sunday Morning delivers food that's easy to eat, easy to prepare, and easy to enjoy. Their flavours are decadent and delightful, with interesting cheese spreads such as garlic romano cheese, and kesong puti boursin. Their bottled seafood collection is just as exciting with kaffir tinapa, and paksiw of salmon belly to name a few. Try something new and create an effortless repast with ingredients from Sunday Morning. 

We love dining in at The Wholesome Table, but sometimes we prefer to take something home with us. Their almond butter has a subtly sweet flavour we can't leave out of our sandwiches, while their homemade salmon tuyo is the perfect accompaniment to bread, and even rice. The best part is? It's all guilt-free! 

Slather some guava jelly onto your toast for breakfast. ECHO Store has the best of that! If you're still looking to add to your meal plan, consider any of their bottled seafood that include tinapa, tuyo, or bangus. These flavours come without any frill and are just good, straightforward bottled fish—perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Bottled delicacies have never tasted more fine. Florabel Express allows customers to bring home some of their signature Filipino flavours! These include opulent treats such as caviar Pinoy, smoked salinas, crispy garlic espada, and indulgent crab fat paste that are the perfect pasalubongs this Christmas season. 

9. NIC's signature black and red motif is a familiar logo to most of the titas in Manila. Many love them for their flavourful salad dressing—ranch, Caesar, and balsamic vinaigrette—though most would be hard-pressed to overlook other treats like their herb cheese dip, parmesan pimiento melt, and smoked milkfish with mushroom capers or tomato basil.