unMEAT – Meat-Free Hungarian Sausages


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Juicy and meat-free Hungarian Sausages packed with 11g of protein per serving. Healthy and Tasty. Grill it, air-fry it, steam it, enjoy it, any way you want it!
Ingredients: Soy protein and water, vegetable oil, spices, natural flavors, wheat (gluten and fiber), modified starch (thickener), iodized salt, vinegar, soy sauce, brown seaweed gum
Allergen Information: Contains soy and wheat.
Size: 225 g
Country of Origin: Philippines

Cooking Instructions:
1. Pour a small amount of water and oil in a non-stick pan.
2. Let pan heat up for 1 minute on medium flame.
3. Remove casing of the sausage before putting onto the pan.
4. Cook evenly and serve hot.