Herbilogy – Rosella Flower (Hibiscus) Extract Powder


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Rosella is well known for its benefit to help the detox process. This pink superfood contains 15-30% organic acids and vitamin C, and is rich in various minerals - giving it many health benefits like reducing fat levels in the blood and high blood pressure.
Ingredients: 100% super fine and premium hibiscus extract powder, with no added sugar, dyes, flavorings, MSG, preservatives, or chemicals
Size: 100 g
Country of Origin: East Java (Indonesia)

Serving Recommendation: Simply mix and stir 1 tsp (3 g) into a glass of warm tea, water, or coffee until dissolved. This can also be sprinkled on cookies, cereal, and others.
Intake Recommendation: One to three times a day, 30 minutes. Drink plenty of water and have enough rest.