Everything Fresh – Asian Seabass Sous Vide In Soy Ginger


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This Oriental duo is a sweet escape from your daily favorites. When combined, it divulges a taste that will proudly make your palate come back for more. This apahap is supplied whole, descaled, gutted, and sous vide for 120 minutes.
Ingredients: Asian seabass (apahap), soy sauce, fresh ginger, fresh cilantro, fresh scallions, brown sugar
Allergen Information: Contains saltwater fish.
Size: 3-4 servings; Approx. 685 g

Cooking Instructions:
1. Thaw by submerging fish pack in a big bowl covered in cool water.
2. Once fully thawed, drop the fish in boiling water for 15-20 minutes.
3. Open the pack and pour all contents on a serving platter.