Amala – Meatless Spanish Chorizo


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Deep and smoky, with authentic Spanish flavors of garlic and pimentón. The Spanish chorizo can be sliced and served as is, or fried to a crisp in olive oil then enjoyed alone or tossed into salads.

Ingredients: Vital wheat gluten, Sweet smoked paprika, Water*, Onion (finely diced), Coconut oil, Soy sauce, Tomato paste, Garlic (finely diced), Red wine, Apple cider vinegar, Ground TVP, Cracked black pepper, Kosher salt, Mushroom powder, Garlic powder, Onion powder Oregano, Cayenne, Parsley.

Allergen Info: Contains wheat. Processed in a facility that also packages products that may contain traces of soy, tree nuts (coconut), mustard, celery, sesame, and sulphites.