Take Root – Kale Chips


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100% junk free-snack! Dried not fried. Baked kale chips made from organic kale, cashews, rosemary, black pepper, nutritional yeast, lemon, sea salt, herbs, and spices. Available in garlic bread, pizza, rosemary peppercorn, sour cream, and vegan cheese variants.
Ingredients: Organic kale, cashews, nutritional yeast, sea salt, herbs & spices
Specific flavor ingredients: Garlic Bread (garlic), Margherita Pizza (tomatoes, carrots, garlic, lemon), Rosemary Peppercorn (rosemary, black pepper, lemon), Sour Kream & Chive (onion, apple cider vinegar, lemon, garlic, chive), Cheezy Vegan (bell peppers, lemon), Spicy Sriracha (spicy peppers, apple cider vinegar, yacon, garlic)
Size: 60 g
Country of Origin: Philippines